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In the Horizon Europe project, ‘2LIPP - Second Life for Power Plants’ on the energy Island of Bornholm, cutting-edge energy storage technologies and an innovative energy management system will be demonstrated side-by-side inside an operating combined heat and power plant. The purpose is to showcase a scalable, hybrid energy storage solution utilizing existing plant infrastructure, thereby achieving lower costs to deploy energy storage. In doing so, the innovative European partners in the 2LIPP project will demonstrate a proof-of-concept for a disruptive approach to transitioning traditional power plants and combined heat and power plants to be able to operate effectively in a renewable energy grid.

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The EU-funded ACCEPT aims to design a digital toolbox that will enable the delivery of compound Demand Response services to prosumers within Energy Communities and at the same time enable their participation in energy markets through the formulation of community-based Virtual Power Plants.


The objective of AdvanSiC is to develop, produce, test, and validate cost-effective High-Voltage (HV) Silicon Carbide (SiC) MOSFET semiconductors in MVDC grid applications, a full-scale wind converter, a full-scale solar inverter, and a solid-state circuit breaker for DC converter stations.
The aim is to minimize HV SiC device cost by advancing novel design structures and process optimization.


AGISTIN will enable industrial grid users to rapidly deploy renewables through advanced integration of innovative energy storage technologies at the interface with the grid


BEFLEXIBLE project aims to increase the flexibility of the energy system, improve cooperation between Distribution System Operators (DSOs) and Transmission System Operators (TSOs) and facilitate the participation of all energy-related stakeholders.


In BEST-Storage, three conceptually different modular high volumetric energy density storage concepts will be developed and tested in real conditions allowing to decouple power delivered (charging & discharging) and energy stored. This means that none of the storages have heat exchangers inside the vessel where energy is stored.
Due to the decoupling of power and energy stored, the storage is inherently modular providing cost savings, flexibility in design, size and operation of a storage systems.