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The general scope of the proposed project is to evaluate and demonstrate in large scale the possibility of recycling or resource recovery from blades and similar waste materials in a large consortium with some of Europe's key players in areas of importance for the project.


Let’s harness the floating offshore wind energy potential of the Black Sea, let the wind BLOW. Offshore wind is currently one of the most cost-efficient, clean and scalable power sources. As of today, offshore wind farms rest on bottom-fixed foundations and are mainly deployed in shallow water areas with depths less than 50m.
Project BLOW aims at unlocking the Black Sea fLoating Offshore Wind potential, by demonstrating a disruptive cost-efficient floating integrative unit design optimised for low and medium wind speed areas. BLOW will implement a 5 MW demonstrator in the Black Sea and will pave the way to industrial mass production and to
the deployment of floating offshore wind farms.


A participatory process to bring individual consumers center stage to deliver community-centered DR, combining social-science-driven user experience design with innovative technologies.



COMMUNITAS aims to support citizens to become active participants in energy activities and deliver a set of tools to support the creation, growth, and capacity building of Energy Communities.


CREATORS is an EU H2020 project that aims at supporting local initiators and local service providers in initiating, planning, implementing and operating a professional Community Energy System (CES) by supporting technical, financial and social processes.

Data Cellar

DATA CELLAR aims to create a federated energy dataspace that will support the creation, development and management of local energy communities in the EU. The data space population will be facilitated via an innovative rewarded private metering approach, with a focus on an easy onboarding and interaction, guaranteeing a smooth integration with other EU energy data spaces, providing to LEC stakeholders services and tools for developing their activities.
data cellar