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Business models

The Working Group on Business Models aims at:

  • Defining common language and frameworks around business model description and valuation
  • Identifying and evaluating existing and new or innovative business models from the project demonstrations or use cases
  • The development of a simulation tool allowing for the comparison of the profitability of different business models applicable to smart grids and energy storage solutions is being developed and tested by the Working Group members


For more information about this Working Group, please contact


Christina Papadimitriou, Chair

Evangelos Koulis, co-chair


2021-2022 Workplan:

BRIDGE Business Models Workplan 2021-2022


Reports 2022:

Business models Working Group: Investigation of relationship of use cases and cross-domain business models. Report on topic 1 (September 2022)


Documents of the Working Group:

BRIDGE Business Models Working Group Findings and Recommendations
Short synthesis of the Business Models Working Group report Year 3 highlighting its main findings and recommendations
Friday. 19 July 2019