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The Working Group on Regulation is working on the following topics:

  • As regards energy storage, the regulatory framework needs to provide clear rules and responsibilities concerning ownership, competition, technical modalities and financial conditions, for island and mainland cases
  • In terms of smart grids, regulatory challenges arise regarding the incentives for demand-side response, commercial arrangements, cooperation with TSO and DSO, smart meter date, etc.


For more information about this Working Group, please contact


Helena Gerard (VITO)


2022 Workplan:

BRIDGE Regulation Workplan 2022


Reports 2023:

Regulation Working Group: Energy Market Deisgn and Flexibility (Annual report 2022) (May 2023)


Reports 2022:

Regulation Working Group: Annual report 2021 (May 2022)


Reports 2021:

Synergies between demos – ID Cards

“Harmonized Electricity Market Role Model” (HEMRM) – A Differential Analysis with Respect to the ENTSO-E – ebIX – EFET Model


Documents of the Working Group:

BRIDGE report on TSO-DSO coordination
The BRIDGE Data Management and Regulation Working Groups released their first joint report on the TSO-DSO coordination topic. Find out more here.
Tuesday. 07 January 2020

Minutes of the TSO-DSO cooperation and Cybersecurity BRIDGE meetings – 23/10/19
Last October, the members of the Working Groups Regulation and Data Management were invited by the European Commission at Brussels to discuss about Cybersecurity and cooperation between TSOs and DSOs, two of the four topics initiated during the last General Assembly and studied by the two Working Groups in the past few months. Minutes of the two topic meetings are available here.
Friday. 22 November 2019

BRIDGE Regulation Working Group Findings and Recommendations
Short synthesis of the Regulation Working Group report Year 3 highlighting its main findings and recommendations
Friday. 19 July 2019