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NEWGEN is a project that aims to develop and demonstrate new insulation materials, cable manufacturing solutions, online condition monitoring technologies, and life and reliability modelling tools for next-generation of extruded high voltage direct current (HVDC) cables and cable systems. The project’s main objectives are to: (i) develop novel space charge mitigating additives and cable extrusion solutions for highly-reliable polymeric HVDC cables; (ii) develop and demonstrate a novel online global monitoring system for pre-fault detection and health status evaluation of HVDC cable systems; (iii) develop a compre.


Developing physics-based battery models for accurate performance prediction. Implementing data-driven approaches to enhance battery efficiency and lifespan.


NEXTFLOAT’s main objective is to demonstrate a competitive and sustainable integrated FOW solution optimized for deep waters that will contribute to reaching an LCOE <54 €/MWh in 2030 and accelerate the rate of deployment of floating offshore wind


ODEON project aims to develop a reliable, scalable, and accessible federated technological framework, including the ODEON Cloud-Edge Data and Intelligence Service Platform and Federated Energy Data Spaces. This framework will enable secure and efficient data management, processing, and sharing among energy value chain actors. By facilitating the delivery of innovative, data-driven energy services, ODEON supports the objectives of the DoEAP. The project will be validated through large-scale demonstrations in Greece, Spain, France, Denmark, and Ireland, ensuring successful replication and market uptake.


The aim of OMEGA-X is to implement a data space (based on European common standards), including federated infrastructure, data marketplace and service marketplace, involving data sharing between different stakeholders and demonstrating its value for real and concrete Energy use cases and needs, while guaranteeing scalability and interoperability with other data space initiatives, not just for energy but also cross-sector


OPENTUNITY aims to create a flexibility ecosystem reducing interoperability barriers and favouring the use of standards in order to decarbonize EU grids and put the end-user in the spotlight.