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How does the involvement in BRIDGE facilitates the energy transition?

Tuesday. 30 January 2024

interview with bridge representative

Recently, BRIDGE members could share their insights about how their involvement in BRIDGE facilitates the energy transition and help scaling up energy solutions in Europe.

Gainluca Lipari from AGISTIN commented:

The community of BRIDGE is something that enables project to come together, agree on technical solutions and have a single voice. That is what fosters adoptions and the real results to come to the market

Our involvement in BRIDGE fosters collaboration, knowledge exchange and the integration of cutting-edge technologies, pushing the transition to intelligent and sustainable energy systems

added Rafael Oliveira from eNeuron.

The BRIDGE secretariat met with representatives from several projects. Watch their individual interviews to find out what is their role in the BRIDGE initiative:

Watch the whole interview on YouTube at this link.

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