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The BRIDGE Initiative at ENLIT: unveiling new projects and advancing Smart Energy Transition across Europe

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Monday. 11 December 2023

From November 27 to 29, 2023, the BRIDGE initiative actively participated in the well-known ENLIT event, a global platform fostering collaboration for an accelerated energy transition. 

Under the spotlight in the EU Project Zone (EUPZ), BRIDGE, with more than 35 of its projects, played a pivotal role in shaping the discourse on energy transition. The initiative's projects brought dynamism into the EUPZ by actively engaging in various sessions, including the inaugural day's "New Kids on the Block". Here, new BRIDGE projects such as SENERGY NETS, ENFLATE, and SiC4GRID were unveiled, bringing innovative ideas to the discussion. Moderated by Venizelos Efthymiou, University of Cyprus and Honorary Co-Chair of ETIP SNET’s WG5 (Innovation implementation in the business enviornment), this session featured an opening address by DG ENER Policy Officer George Paunescu, who outlined the BRIDGE initiative's scope, objectives, and impact to an attentive audience.  

On November 29th, the BRIDGE initiative hosted a session featuring representatives from its working groups: Olivier Genest (Chair of the Data Management WG), Helena Gerard (Chair of the Regulations WG), Habib Nasser (Member of the Business Models WG), and Anna Pinnarelli (Lead of Smart Tool’s Task, Consumer and Citizen Engagement WG) and the EU Commission representative, George Paunescu, DG Energy. The session shed light on the projects' contributions to the advancement of smart electricity grids in support of decarbonization and system integration.

This session addressed the topic of smart grids in the energy transition, approaching it from the angles of the different Working Groups. The discourse revolved around relevant questions, ranging from the current state of data sharing to support decarbonization, identifying regulatory barriers, to determining business models that safeguard consumer empowerment and protection. 

An interactive component allowed the public to participate actively, offering opinions on the large-scale implementation of data spaces in smart grids, the digital transition, and providing feedback on the future research focus areas. 

Throughout the ENLIT program, BRIDGE projects seized the opportunity to showcase their achievements, emphasizing their pivotal role in advancing the smart energy transition across Europe. For instance, BEFLEXIBLE and ENFLATE delved into the challenge of unlocking flexibility markets. The "Int:net Session", moderated by Antonello Monti (Director of the Institute for Automation of Complex Power Systems), gave space to OMEGA-X, SYNERGIES, DATA CELLAR, ENERHSARE and EDDIE to discuss the intricacies of the data space, covering topics ranging from data sharing to regulation, prosumer engagement, and flexibility. 

The spotlight also shone on projects like OneNet(work), the INSULAE project, as well as FEVER, as they approach the successful conclusion of their journeys. Many interested stakeholders paid us a visit at the BRIDGE and ETIP SNET stand, demonstrating the widespread recognition and enthusiasm for the innovative strides being made in smart energy transition on the European stage. 

To see the whole list of projects that participated to Enlit in the EU Project Zone, please visit Enlit Europe website.

For further updates and to stay connected with the latest advancements in the BRIDGE initiative, feel free to reach out and stay in touch with the Secretariat (,

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