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BRIDGE General Assembly 2023 – Conclusions & Next Steps

Monday. 22 May 2023

The conclusions and next steps of the BRIDGE General Assembly 2023 held in Brussels from 28 to 30 March are now published.



The conclusions and next steps of the Bridge General Assembly 2023 are now available to be read. The document was drafted based on the discussions in the four parallel sessions organised around Bridge working groups.


Bridge General Assembly 2023 took place from the 28 to the 30 March 2023, in Brussels in hybrid mode. The objective of these annual meetings is to share experiences and create a better understanding among the BRIDGE projects, learn more about the project's results and help them to strengthen cooperation with a view to establishing European best practice standards.


The Assembly was very well attended, with over 300 registrations gathered (around) 75 people were on-site and more than online 150 online attendees. The European Commission services (DG ENER, DG CNECT) presented the latest policy developments and introduced the main areas where Bridge could contribute to policy-making processes. The four Bridge working groups presented the activities and achievements of the past year and held working sessions to discuss and agree on the work plans for this year. A focus session on “Setting up a common European data space for energy” presented the concept and current developments regarding the data space and discussed the way forward and potential Bridge contributions. 


This year, the traditional (lengthier) presentations of new projects did not take place in the plenary sessions, and this is notably due to the high number of new projects (60) that joined the initiative. Therefore, a new way of interacting with the new projects was used instead. Project posters were presented at the GA premises, and they allowed participants to get to know them and to speak directly with the new project coordinators that were available throughout the meeting period.


The Bridge completed projects briefly presented their main accomplishments and shared their lessons learned and recommendations for the new projects joining the initiative. Several initiatives such as ETIP Smart Networks for Energy Transition (ETIP SNET), the Smart Grid Task Force (SGTF), the Clean Energy Transition Partnership (CETP) and 2ZERO Partnership shared interesting presentations about their latest work, allowing the Bridge community to understand them better.


Also, the plenary on International Cooperation jointly presented by DG ENER, RTD, JRC, and the Bridge “IElectrix project” which has activities in India, gave an insight into the international engagement. ENTSO-E and the EU DSO Entity introduced their joint preparatory work for promoting digital twins of the electricity grids.


Bridge aims to stimulate structured dialogues between regulators, authorities and innovation projects on smart grids and energy storage, as well as to facilitate the uptake of innovative technologies in the energy sector. Bridge also aims to synthesise and deliver conclusions and recommendations on exploiting the project results that would support, from the energy perspective, the delivery of the Green Deal and REPowerEU objectives. The full agenda of the meeting is presented in the annex to the conclusions.

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